About Us

Zmed-Laser offers unique and advanced family of products for Minimally Invasive in-office treatments

Established by Dr. Ziv Karni, an industry pioneer in the field of lasers and energy technologies, Zmed Laser is focused on leading the revolution of minimally invasive surgical techniques in various medical fields to improve patient outcomes. The company main verticals are focusing out-patient Proctology, in-office Hysteroscopy & Feminine treatment solutions and Fat Grafting applications. Enabling superior results and reduced treatment time and costs and less discomfort to patients.

Zmed Laser places a strong emphasis on Women’s Health in hospitals and specifically in an out-patient settings. Using a Diode laser platform, we provide surgeons with a wide range of clinic-based treatment options in gynecology to increase woman's' life quality.

For proctology applications, Zmed Laser provides an advanced laser based complete tools kit allowing for improved treatment and reduced healing time for a wide range of applications. We are not stopping there, Zmed Laser future roadmap will include additional areas of operations including ENT and Orthopedics treatments.

Our vision

Zmed-Laser is pioneering a new standard in minimally invasive laser technologies for surgical procedures. Developed by the world’s leading experts in surgical lasers, our solutions are setting a new gold standard in out-patient and clinic procedures placing emphasis on patients' wellbeing and quality of life.

Founders & Management Team

Dr. Ziv Karni


Shira Doron

Co-Founder & VP Marketing & Clinical

Ronen Lazarovitch

CEO & Co-Founder

Yair Leopold

Co-Founder & Executive VP

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