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Maintaining high fat vitality

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What is the importance of high fat vitality?

Autologous fat injection has become more and more common I both medical and cosmetic procedures. From breath reconstruction to fillers injections, high vitality fat is immediate availability of patient’s usage.

Natural integration into host tissues and its permanent correction potential makes it a highly instrumental application.

Zmed Laser low-power density approach prevents fat destruction producing fat vitality rate of greater than 95%. Powered by the 1470 nm diode device, that features a higher absorption rate in water and fat than all other competing devices, physicians can perform and optimal fat removal with minimal tissue damage.

Vitality %

Laser Liposuction

Adipose phase

  • 98
  • 96
  • 95
  • 96
  • 99

Maintaining Fat Vitality

Using Zmed Laser solution, fat cells gently undergo lysis to a semi-liquid state, generating two distinct phases:

  • Significant adipose phase with highly viable, small uniform fat cells
  • Minor blood phase, with no oil phase present

Fat cells with high vitality combined with a filtering mesh allows successful autologous fat injection, with longer-term results

Fat Collection Bag

Combining optimal laser wavelength and fiber with a proprietary Lipo. Handpiece

Our proprietary cannula is designed for gentle lysis of fat tissue.  Available in diameter of 2,3, and 4mm allowing for fast and easy fat grafting.  The cannula is Luer Lock compatible allowing to work with standard equipment.

Positioning the fiber for lasing within the cannula, the fiber density is distributed evenly making sure that the fat is heated and not burned thus resulting in a smooth and easy fat suction with minimal fibrotic tissue removal and collateral damage to surrounding tissue.

A Complete, All-in-One Solution - More Value for Your Clinic

Zmed Laser is offering a compact, fully equipped system for use in both private clinics as well as hospital settings.

Complete Trolley solution includes

All the required tools and equipment are conveniently organized to support fat grafting, making sure fat is vital and ready for autologous injection to patients.

  • Diode Laser
  • Laser Fibers
  • Lipo. Handpiece
  • Unique Fat collection bag
  • Variety of Cannula
  • Infiltration pump
  • Fat suction pump

This Quiet, portable plug-and-play platform allows to safely and easily perform minimal invasive procedures in various settings.  Shortening the treatment time and follow up recovery period.

Offer a Better-Quality of Life for Your Patients

On the patient's side, you can offer a safe and shorter procedure, at times with local anesthesia only, with reduced and quick recovery time and almost no side effects.

  • Virtually painless
  • Fast treatment, lasts up to 30 min
  • The patient can return to normal activities immediately

Moreover, your patients enjoy the benefits of Skin Tightening

The thermal energy generated by the laser contracts existing collagen and elastin fibers and stimulates the formation of new collagen for firmer, tighter-looking skin

This is particularly important for delicate areas such as the face and neck as well as for areas of cellulite. This results in a better-looking result.

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